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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Instagram is one of those 'must have' applications for any photographer  that is on the go, or just loves sharing photo's via social networking.  I love the ease of editing & uploading & here are 7 of my favorites from the last month or so....

Instagram seems to be my study distraction & the Schweppes bottle happened to be sitting on my desk.

Drawing class & my collection of tools that I need to get through those 3hrs each week.

New nail polish!  I seem to be back on the nail polish wagon & obsessed with new colours.

Scootering adventure up around Brighton.

8:09am.....I was at school already & the clouds just looked so pretty!

Red fire hydrant....well it was red until I edited it blue!  I seem to be really attracted to blue at the moment.

TinyWorld  application.....get on it!!!  You to can create these amazing little worlds out of random snaps.  

I'm heading back home this weekend so I'll be interested to see what Instagram pic's sneak onto my profile.  Follow me on Instagram: RedWax

Hope you have a wonderful day!

jO :)

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