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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

....Art Life!

I guess there comes a time in everyones lives when they think its time to take a new direction & mix life up a little.  This occurred for me September 2011 when I relocated from my home town to the city of Adelaide & begun to set myself up with my partner & mentally prepare for the possibility of getting into a Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design.
Lucky enough I was accepted into the course that I wanted & I now study full time at Adelaide College of the Arts.  Having not studied for over 12years it was a massive shock going back & starting something so big.  I now can say that I have survived term 1 & this week have started term 2.
Yes the work load has been massive but I seriously love it......I love school!  Yep there I said it!  I'm a complete nerd & love going everyday.  I would like to consider myself lucky because not often to you find something that you are truly passionate about & enjoy doing on a daily basis.
I'm going into the course to gain further experience & knowledge in the photography industry & extremely excited to see what else I pick up along the way.

I guess blogging for me will be more of a visual thing rather than me writing massive chunks of writing & school having one of the biggest influences in my life right now & I can see myself writing about that frequently.
I can't draw to save my life but I'm trying & that's the main thing!

We had to layout our photocopied drawings & select a section of one of them to draw on a larger scale.

This is the section that I chose.

This was the starting point for my drawing.

We had our first chance to use colour today & having just used black for so long it felt really strange to add colour.

LOL....yes I was drawing with my whole hand!!  I had FUN!!! :D

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